Dinocalypse is a frantic Third Person Shooter/Tower Defense where you must defend your base against hordes of ravenous dinosaurs! As the commander you must defeat wave after wave of enemies using your plasma rifle and frost grenade launcher. As the battle progresses you can drop defensive turrets and upgrade your weapons to help stem the tide of dinosaurs flooding into your base. Should you start to become overwhelmed, you can call down an orbital strike to clear out area of hostiles.

I was composer and sound designer for this project and worked with the team through alpha, beta, and gold creating all audio assets necessary for the game. The art style of the game has a real Nintendo 64 feel so I tried to emulate that with unique music that hearkened back to the late-90s. My main inspiration was Donkey Kong because of the jungle setting so I chose quirky instruments with lots of percussion mixed in. I was really happy with the results on the project.

We also implemented unique events for this project using the audio middleware Wwise. The game has an Orbital Strike that takes out multiple targets at once, but in game it also moves into a bullet-time slowed down effect. The audio had to mimic this effect so through clever pitch-shifting and audio bus management in Wwise, the audio reflects perfectly what is happening on screen without having to create slowed down sound effects.

Main Menu Track

Gameplay Track

Gameplay Video:

Download the Game for Free:





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