Life is a 3rd person Platformer where the player must return color, or life, back to his world. To do this, the player must kill enemies and take their color. They must then traverse through the environment to an activation point before they run out of time.

I was able to compose all  music as well as design all the sounds that take place in game. The world is a vibrant alien planet with colorful creatures and plant-life. I chose to mimic music from classic 90s role-playing games, but using more of an orchestral sound than the 16-bit era was able of reproducing. I also chose instruments that would compliment the world when their was no color versus color. The deep percussion and bass driven track represents the world without color, which was also EQed heavily to remove the highs from the brighter instruments that were used. This kept the music notes the same, but gave a muffled sound to the track overall. When the world has color, the environment and music brighten up greatly, which gives the player a real sense of accomplishment and progression.

World with No Color

World with Color

Main Menu Track

Game Over

Game Win

Gameplay videos as well as a link to download the game for free available here:



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