In this Third Person Shooter, enter Future Sight Industries as Dr. Nathaniel Stryder, the last survivor of an experiment where everything has gone horribly wrong. Fight for your life through a variety of industrial environments, armed with the evolving weaponry of the X – Rifle. Multiple enemy types bar your escape plan. You must charge an enourmous laser cannon to blow a way out of the facility. Inspired by critically acclaimed titles like Resident Evil, Mass Effect, and Dead Space, Noxious promises intense action and chilling thrills.

I composed all original music for this project as well as helped implement sounds using the audio middleware, FMOD. I also edited all the dialogue used in the entire game. Noxious has a very futuristic, sci-fi setting with horror elements mixed in. I tried to combine all these ideas into the music. I layered multiple sound effects and arpeggio synthesizers to create the unique sound. For the combat situations, I layered in timpani and electronic drum hits to create urgency for the player. The music setup in game was fairly simple in that it only had two track during gameplay until the final countdown. It was requested by the team that the final countdown be accompanied by an alarm, similar to Metroid. I created the alarm sound first, then built all the other instruments around that sound effect which resulted in a pulsing track that forced the player to escape. This track is in the video below and begins at the 12:37 mark.

Title Track

Ambient Track

Combat Track

Game Over Track

Credits Track

Gameplay Video:

Download the Game for Free:



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