Sound Design

Below are links and videos to some original sound design. No current work to show due to NDAs and contract specifications, but hopefully I’ll be able to update something soon from recent projects.

RealTime Immersive Inc. 2013 I/ITSEC Sound Design 

Video showcases the overall sound design and dialog for the RealTime Immersive Inc. 2013 I/ITSEC Demo which was created over a few weeks in November 2013. During the convention, any person could take part in running through portions of the demo such as marshaling a helicopter onto the Navy’s Littoral Combat Ship using the Microsoft Kinect® and two Nintendo Wii Remotesᵀᴹ. The audio of the demo was created with an open floor convention in mind, along with mixing specifically to a 5.1 surround system that the user stood in the middle of making them the main target of all the 3D positional sounds. This open floor plan of the convention also led to certain decisions such as having the dialog as loud as possible, as well as sharp UI audio to give maximum feedback to the user in a very open environment where the audio would not carry very well. Also, this screen capture is only given the stereo output when the mix was done on a 5.1 system so some levels are off when viewing the video. (Dialogue from NPCs come from rear left and rear right channels during helicopter marshalling and are barely audible in the video.)

The opening UI only has audio hooked up to certain functions although sounds were created for all interactive items. Also, the audio for the valves during the Jet Drive Room phase seem to be disabled on this build for some reason, but they are set up with the functionality of playing a looping sound event created in FMOD when interacted with by the user. The demo overall had quite a few unique challenges from a sound perspective, but the main point of almost all audio decisions was to make it appealing to potential customers during the convention who would be walking by. (Formerly RealTime Immersive Inc.)











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All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

StarCraft 2: Heart of the Swarm Cinematic

Always loved this trailer and all the unique vehicles and enemies it had, so I naturally thought it was a good place to showcase a full audio replacement showing only sound design of all the individual elements without the assistance of music or dialog. It took quite a few hours to get full-sound coverage and many things went through a bunch of iterations until I was happy with them. I broke the task of creating all the elements down into multiple Pro Tools sessions, and consolidated the many stems to create a master mix. I made sessions for vehicles, creatures, weapons, and environment using memory locations on each session to mark individual sound elements that needed to be created. I also needed to make a sweetener session after everything was about 95% done to cover any little sounds I might have missed. (These included radio chatter for the pilots, the little tiny creature movements and death screams, and some mix changes to explosions, and a few other little elements) Grateful for Blizzard’s cinematics team for making such an awesome trailer!


Marvel Heroes Sound Design Demo

Decided to compose some new music and create all new sound design for this trailer. The original has a catchy rock and roll kind of track with almost no sound design elements. I wanted to go the complete opposite way and have the music act as a subtle sound bed under a bunch of sound design for each of the characters. I made a heroic orchestral piece mixed with a bunch of synthetic percussion. I re-created my own version of the Marvel logo sound design by recording a few different books and magazines pages being flipped through here at my house, then layered in some recorded city ambience. I was pretty happy with the results. The fighting and character sound design were a large mixed bag of library sound effects blended and edited to fit each character. The only parts I was unhappy with are the shaky camera effects that occur when the trailer zooms directly in for up close shots on some of the Heroes. This effect was layered in and worked fine with the original rock track the trailer released with, but looks slightly out of place with my more traditional heroic sound design and music. All sounds were created in Pro Tools and the music was recorded and tracked in Logic.

Dinocalypse Boss Sound Design

These were the playblasts that I was given to create the sound design for the T-Rex in the free indie game, “Dinocalypse.”



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